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Ready to Help

Our service team is standing by to answer any questions about your Segway PT. We are ready to serve your Segway PT needs.

Hours of Support Operation:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday (we are closed on saturday, sunday and public holiday)

Segway Malaysia offers two forms of technical support:

  1. In-house Technical Support
    Owners delivering and collecting their personal transporter (PT) to/ at our servicing house with their own cost. All *servicing or repair works will be carried out at our facility within a reasonable timeframe. Upon completion of services the PT will be prepared and owner will be notified to collect back the PT.
    In-house Technical Support Fee: RM280 per service per PT (parts replacement cost excluded)

  2. On-call Technical Support
    Segway technician will come visit owner location upon request, to carry out the necessary servicing or repair tasks.
    On-call Technical Support Fee: RM420 per service per PT (parts replacement cost excluded)

  3. Note: In the event where the PT unit requires extensive diagnostic at our servicing house or possibly further repair work at Nine Robot - Segway Asia Pacific Service Centre (Singapore), additional fee will be quoted and owner consent is compulsory, before the technician can proceed with the servicing activity.

Required Information

Serial Number Location

PT Serial Number
When contacting us for technical support service, please be prepared with the related PT Serial Number. The serial can be located at the rear edge of the platform base, lift the base's mat to view it. It will be a 12-digit number printed directly on the base of the unit. Write it down for easy reference when asked.

Serial Number Location

Error Code
In some cases, an error code will be trigerred on the infokey of a failed PT. Note it down if it shown. This will help our technician to narrow down the PT problem.

Technical Support Contact

Technical support could be requested via phone, fax or email: or
(P) +6019 3285 529     (F) +603 7956 5177


Updated on January 28, 2018