Tech Support & Service

Tech Support & Service

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Segway Malaysia is a certified technical service centre for Segway PT products. Our service team is standing by to answer any questions about your Segway PT. Whether through email or by phone, we are ready to serve your needs.

Hours of Support Operation:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday (except holidays)

It is our belief that optimum customer satisfaction is key in driving a successful ongoing relationship between us and our customers. Rest assured that we want your experience to be nothing short of what you would expect when purchasing a Segway PT or any other advanced piece of equipment. This is why Segway Malaysia offers two forms of technical support to our customers:

  1. In-house Technical Support
    Packaged to satisfy individual owners, In-house Technical Support refers to you, the customer, sending or delivering your Segway PT to our service centre location in Malaysia. All servicing will be carried out at our facility within a reasonable timeframe. Upon completion of services your Segway PT will be prepared for pickup at our facility.
    In-house Technical Support price: RM250/ service

  2. On-call Technical Support
    Packaged to satisfy commercial owners of multiple unit installments, On-call Technical Support refers to our technical staff visiting your facility on-call to complete all servicing of your Segway PT units at your facility. Our technical staff will carry with them all necessary tools required to service your Segway PT; the only thing you will be required to provide is adequate space for them to work.
    On-call Technical Support price: RM450/ service

How to contact Segway Malaysia Technical Support

When you contact Segway Malaysia Technical Support, we will need to record some information regarding you, the customer, and your Segway PT. Please be prepared to provide us with the following bits of information:

Technical Service Phone: 603 7956 6277
Technical Service Fax: 603 7965 5177
Technical Service Email: