The Segway x2 Golf gives golf enthusiasts a new way to cruise the course. With extended-range batteries, a golf bag carrier, and enhanced traction tires, the Segway x2 Golf provides the golfer all the tools needed to experience the game in a new and fun way. Step on to the Segway x2 Golf and immediately you'll realize that it's balancing for you, almost like it is an extension of your body. Just lean forward a little and you'll notice that the Segway x2 Golf is moving in response to the way you move.


The Segway x2 Golf allows golfers to speed up play as each player can ride directly to his or her ball. The Segway x2 Golf's elevated platform brings golfers new opportunities as well. Standing an additional 8 inches higher, your enhanced vantage point allows you to evaluate the fairway and lay out each shot better.
Enjoying the Segway x2 Golf on the golf course takes nothing away from the fun of golf! You can move alongside your friends on the course, parting only to get to your own lie. The Segway x2 Golf brings a different flavor to each round and allows you to experience your regular golf course in an entirely new way.


For course owners, the Segway x2 Golf will put your course on the map. The Segway x2 Golf will give players a reason to choose your course for a round of play. Golf players are constantly seeking the latest and greatest equipment-it's time your course upgrades too.
When it comes to course damage, the Segway x2 Golf performs far better than golf carts. It utilizes complex software algorithms that control traction and enable its low-pressure tires to carry the Segway x2 Golf over a variety of terrain. It's also lightweight and extremely maneuverable.
You don't need to take our word for it though; here's what the turf experts have said:
"Golf cart traffic significantly decreased turf grass cover and quality versus Segway [x2 Golf] traffic."
- Doug Karcher, Ph.D., University of Arkansas and John Sorochan, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 29-Dec-2005 
"The golf cart caused substantially more damage per unit area than the Segway [x2 Golf]. Further to this the area affected was larger, in the order of two to three times greater, with the golf cart."
- A J Newell & A D Wood, The Sports Turf Research Institute, St. Ives Estate, Bingley, U.K.


The Segway x2 Golf has been engineered from the ground-up to operate under a wide range of conditions. The electronics, batteries, motors and all other critical components are environmentally sealed to protect them from harsh and changing environments. The Segway x2 Golf has been extensively tested to withstand vibration, varying temperatures, and exposure to moisture. And it requires minimal maintenance-just check the tire pressure and keep the battery charged. That's it!
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