Segway Malaysia Commercial Services

Segway PT as New Mobile Media

"The innovative look and function of a Segway make it a very cool  visual messenger, and more importantly it's a moving   visual messenger. Imagine, within a big-wide area of a hypermall or mart with ready audiences in various levels, it will not just stand static in one spot. It moves! Now it's here, and seconds later it's somewhere else, in the next level or zone maybe. So the impact   for the advertisers should be huge, way more big than a standard advertising display can bring, more interestingly when it will be driven away by professional A&P Ambassador who is trained to carry the advertiser message accordingly with live interaction!"

Ms. Corinna Cheah, General Manager, Segway Malaysia.

Segway Malaysia Commercial Services


In fullfilling some voids in the local A&P scene and the rapid request from Segway enthusiasts and associates in the various business sectors, Segway Malaysia happily decided to introduce all a new range of Segway PT rental services, exclusively for commercial purposes.

1. Segway Fun Ride
Segway Mobile Media
  • Experience the amazingly smooth, simple, and silent Segway Personal Transporter PT). At the speciallly designed Segway fun ride track for family, adult and kids.
  • Our tracks are now available at Golden Sands,Penang and Bandar Pahlawan, Malacca. Both are open for public. more!

2. Segway Mobile Media (mobile Ad Space)
  • An offer to exploit our Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for your advertisement purpose.
  • Now you can deliver your interesting commercial messages to your chosen audience in a chosen location* innovatively and directly.
  • We are not just providing you with a unique moving space within an areas of affluent audiences, but a well trained and attractive Segway A&P Ambassador too.
  • Segway mobile OOH media is practical in both indoor and outdoor area.* more!
  • Note: *call us to know more about the SMM Potential Location

Segway Event Services
3. Segway Event Service (Fun ride, Games or Event Management Patrolling)
  • An opportunity for event organizer to add innovative features or fun activities to any of the standard event program.
  • From a simple activity of Segway Fun Ride to a fun infested Segway team-building Games or to any custom Segway based activities according to the event need, the Segway Malaysia Event team will be available to listen to your requirements and ideas.
  • As our Segway is not limited to be just for 'Fun Only' machine, we are also provide Segway PT as a patrolling vehicle. It will help the event coordinators to be able quickly and easily navigate around the event site in an effective manner. more!

Segway Malaysia Commercial Services

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