Segway Malaysia Commercial Services

Segway Mobile Media goes where no other advertising medium has gone before... Now an opportunity to bring your marketing message closer to your audience within their comfortable shopping zone!

SMM Solutions

Target your audience in a fun and unique way with our SMM at various consumer-centered locations within SMM affiliated malls in Klang Valley. SMM immediately attract attention and yield results. Our one-of-a-kind SMMs are equipped with our exclusive graphic wrapped shields (front and wheel).

Combined with our in-house graphic design and digital printing facilities, we will produce and promote your message with high-visibility and positive innovative hi-tech energy like never before.

Take your message closer to your audience. Deliver your Brand message up front and personal. SMM is the only advertising medium to present a mobile billboard, while allowing personal contact to deliver your message at an informative, individual level.

  • Grand Openings
  • Charities Municipal Events
  • Trade Shows and Conventions
  • Corporate and Public Events
  • Branding and Sampling Programs
  • Live Events
  • Product Launches
  • Movie Premiers
  • Private Events and Parties
  • Fund Raising


Segway Mobile Media

A. Shopping mall Cruising (indoor/outdoor) options:

  • Group Gathering Ride
    • Several unit of SMM Ambassadors with one walking ring leader to attract the crowd on the floor of a pre-defined area.
  • FreeStyle Ride
    • A couple or more of SMM Ambasadors deployed to freely glide around the venue without fix route pattern.
  • Twin-Ride
    • A pair SMM Ambassadors with the same Advertiser message to glide around the venue within a defined route or area or free style route.

B. Standard branding awareness/promotion activities:

  • Brand Promotion
    • Straightforward branding solution.
  • Brand Experience
    • Associating SMM with some contest or games which are associated with the advertiser product or service (e.g - spot and return).
  • Segway Sampling
    • A&P Ambassador move around within the location with products sample.


Just choose the location*, number of days/ hours, dates of your intended Advertisement, the number of Segway machines desired, sampling/data collection requirements and contact information. We will generate a quote which includes all related costs. Consult our SMMs representative (gordon - 019 328 5529) or email to:

SMM Advertisment Space


How long can you operate?
Our operations generally running between 11 to 9 (8 hours) - in 4 hour per shift of 2 shifts per day. Longer operations are possible, requiring additional fees. The minimum package containing two units of SMMs for one day.

What about uniforms/apparel?
Special uniforms, customs and apparel are provided by the client. Unless specified differently, our A&P Ambassadors normally wear pants with sponsored shirts and hats.

Who handles permits?
No permits needed as it is an in door activities within our affiliate mall venue.

What if I want to use my own operators?
Due to strict insurance requirements and the experience needed to safely operate the Segways in a crowded areas the use of our staff is mandatory.

Are there limitations on what you can sample?
Other than the sample being legal and non-offensive, the only real limitation is size.

Are there times of the day or areas you won't operate?
For the time being, all SMM activities are restricted to SMM Potential Location only. And our operation is running during 10 to 9 daily. To know more about the SMM Affiliated Mall or should you have interest in deploying SMM in location or venue which is not listed in our SMM Potential Location list, contact us. We'll be happy to work with you on creating another great business opportunity.

What turnaround time do you need to be able to work?

  • The more time we have to prepare, the better our ability to assist with every detail. We generally request 10-15 business days to finalize, produce graphics and get equipment and personnel in place. For busier times, we suggest that you book the event well in advance to guarantee availability of operators, Segway machines and shields.
  • Rush/ Immediate services are also available for an additional charge.

Can there be more than one advertiser in a single session? Let say I am an agent and there are two or more different advertisers would like to book a same date of 'one day session' of your SMM service. Is that possible?
Sure, why not we discuss the details of that in a meeting.

I am representing an agency with several different brand? I would like to cater this service for my own clients, is there a special rates for me?
Yes we do, but prefer to disclose that in a special meeting session.

For further information or booking enquiry contact Gordon at
019 328 5529 or