Segway Malaysia Event Services

Add some awesome Segway™ flavors during your next Annual Event! Fun to ride, stable and safe, superb for fun competition or games! All in all a unique experience! Suitable for corporate events, team building, special events & parties.

Segway is totally emission free in operation, as well as virtually silent, they are just as capable of being used indoors as well as outdoors.

For listed SES feature activities all related gears or equipment will be prepared and handled by the SES team.

For custom designed activities, related gears or equipment shall be provided by the renter.

When required, the renter is responsible to make available free power outlet for charging purpose.

SES operation will commence and end according the actual event running period.

Secure/ locked room for Segway PT storage is required and will become the renter responsibility for any request more than a day rental period.

SES will allocates a minimum of two personnel (as coach and Segway assistance) on site of the event.

Additional fee will be needed for any request of additional assistance.

Segway A&P shields are optional for event purpose, should you require this please check the Graphic Submission requirement explanation below.

Segway Event Services


A. The Segway Fun Ride Experience – (Short Rides)

  • Unique interactive experience of 10 to 15 minutes Segway PTs short ride. Our SES team will fix a mini loop-track within an identified area of the event venue. All riding activities will be conducted within that area.
    Or we can also make it free open track riding (e.g – circling the event site), but for safety reason this is depends on the location and the level of skill of the would be rider. Two of the SES coach will be available as a guide and trainer. Recommended for newcomer who never had any Segway gliding experience before.
    It is location friendly activity that can be executed indoor or outdoor.

B. The Segway Challenge – (Segway Based Team Building Games)

Segway Event Services
  • This is a 30 to 45 minute of an exciting team-building activity using Segway PTs. We divide group into teams, teach everyone to ride, then set the teams against each other in a relay race around a slalom course.
    The great thing about this activity is we can squeeze it in anywhere - indoors in a large boardroom or any conference centre, outdoors in a car park, grassed area or field, on a tennis court, or even on the beach!
    We’ll even make use of the features of the location to add to the challenge.This game is most fun when we have one PT per 6 to 8 persons. We play several variations on the theme, depending on the group size and time available.

C. The Segway PT Corporate Polo – (innovative sport of Segway riding with Polo)

Segway Event Services
  • Ideal for groups of 6 to 16 people and a typical 90-120 minute event begins with the Segway Challenge to build your riding skills then finishes with up to two Polo games. We can play on any suitable outdoor space (sports field, suitable park, etc) or indoors in a Sports Centre.

D. Your suggestion

  • – We also open for any ‘Segway related Games’ suggestion from you. If we find it practical, safe and FUN, the SES team will be at your service to make it happen just for you.


All Segway PTs related support equipment is on us. However, for the custom designed activities or games, any additional support tool or gear requirement should be consulted with us first.


We provide experienced Segway PT coach and trainer. They have been extensively trained to operate a Segway safely in crowded areas and event. Before participating in any Segway PT ride, all riders of any of the SES feature activities will be required to sign-up the User Release of Liability form. The form will be prepared and provided by our SES team on site.


    In addition to the standard contact details, the relevance important matters that the SES team will require from you are as follows:
  • Date and time of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Your chosen SES Event Feature
  • VIP or Non VIP participation of the event
  • All booking should be made at minimum within a week of the event date. We will generate a quote which includes all related costs.
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How long can you operate?
As long as the Event is running.

What about rider wear?
No special attire or apparel is needed for casual rider, except the mandatory safety gear – helmet & knee caps. Just wear comfortable clothing and shoes, that should be fine.

Who handles permits?
Normally it is the responsibility of the renter to apply for such permit. However, in most of the previous event situations, SES were used and ran within closed circuits, so no permits needed actually.

What if I want to use my own Segway Coach?
Due to strict insurance requirements and the experience needed to safely operate the Segways in a crowded areas the use of our staff is mandatory. So you still need to be charged on that.

Are there times of the day or areas you won’t operate?
SES activities has no limit in term of times day or areas, as long as the related conditions are verified safe and the execution is practical for all. Contact and speak to us. We’ll be happy to work with you on creating another great SES flavored event for you.

What turnaround time do you need to be able to work? That is depends on your chosen SES feature activity. The more time we have to prepare, the better our ability to assist with every detail. We generally request 10-15 business days to finalize, produce graphics and get equipment and personnel in place. For busier times, we suggest that you book the event well in advance to guarantee availability of operators, Segway machines or shields. Rush/Immediate services available with extra charge.

What is the minimum unit of PT for a simple SES activity?
Two (2) should be good for just a simple short ride activity. But as they said, the more the merrier.

I am representing an Event Management/PR agency with several clients under me? I would like to cater this service them, is there a special rates for me?
Yes we do and always welcome business associates on this, but prefer to disclose the details in a special meeting session, call us, ask for Gordon.

For further information or booking enquiry contact Gordon at
019 328 5529 or