2019 Recommendations

Standard Price

Price for single unit purchase.

  • Segway PT Model i2 SE RM28,800 (One Year Warranty)
  • Segway PT Model x2 SE RM30,800 (One Year Warranty)

Promo Price

Promotional price for multiple units purchase.

  • Segway PT Model i2 SE RM26,800 (One Year Warranty)
  • Segway PT Model x2 SE RM28,800 (One Year Warranty)

Example: For the purchase of two units Segway PT Model i2 SE:

  • With Standard Price, RM28,800 x 2 = RM57,600 Total
  • With Promo Price, RM26,800 x 2 = RM53,600 Total

*Save RM4000

*Parts excluded

Rental & Leasing (New Unit)

  • Monthly - RM2,400 per Unit
  • Min. Period - 12 Months per Unit
  • Cost of Investment - *RM28,800
  • This only apply to i2 SE model
  • Zero Interest
  • For Company/ Business customer only

Rental (Recon & Used Unit)

  • Daily - RM1,000 per Unit
  • Min. Period - 1 day per Unit
  • This apply to any available Gen 2 & SE model

Trade-In (Old Used Unit with New One)

  • Min Price - RM18,800
  • Inspection - intended PT will require standard inspection to make sure it is still working.

Old & Used Unit for Sale

  • Price range - From RM16,000 to RM18,000
Refurbishment Service
  • Refurbish fee RM8,000
After Sales Service
  • Walk-in RM280
  • Out of Center (On-Call)RM420
Transportation Service

Fee of collecting and delivering PT for servicing.

  • Klang Valley RM250
  • Out of Klang Valley RM450